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New in version 2.9.1:

  • New "Jump to file" action when a leaf folder is selected
  • Overhaul in detection/loading of JavaFX fixes a bug in native file/folder dialog display, as well as the broken launching of encrypted videos
  • New warning on install if user has more than one JRE version installed (can cause graphics flakiness and broken file/folder chooser dialogs)
  • A few minor UI improvements/enhancements

New in version 2.9:

  • New "Jump to folder" action expands to and selects the leaf folder of the current file
  • "Assign video thumbnail" updated to use native Windows file chooser dialog (JavaFX only)
  • Escaping from full screen mode can now be done by clicking in the upper corner of the screen
  • Fixed an issue with random slideshow mode causing flicker during image fade transition
  • Fixed an issue with caption creation/editing causing the "album has changed" alert to appear upon re-opening

New in version 2.8.4:

  • Improved file hiding now allows for hidden folders by way of hiding all of their files
  • Ctrl+Delete on a leaf node now invokes hide/unhide

New in version 2.8.3:

  • Fixed an issue with file hide/unhide

New in version 2.8.2:

  • Added support for several more video file extensions
  • ENTER key now opens albums selected in the main menu
  • Right clicking the viewport navigation arrows no longer advances the selection
  • Added keyboard support for deleting multiple files
  • Restored the ability to delete folders (lost when multiple selections were introduced)

New in version 2.8.1:

  • Restored the albums menu icon for locked albums
  • Fixed/restored the automatic detection of changes within the folders of an album
  • New Tip of the Day explaining the new VLC snapshot auto-detection feature

New in version 2.8:

  • Rewrote the album list main menu (simpler, more intuitive)
  • Better auto-detection of potential album root folders within /Pictures and /Videos
  • Added demo sample album ("Universe")
  • Added the ability to select multiple album thumbnails for easier batch deleting of files
  • New option for customizing the thumbnail font
  • Added automatic detection of VLC snapshot files (when saved to "My Pictures" folder) for use as the video thumbnail
  • New theme-based look and feel selection
  • Added support for JavaFX when available, updating the folder/file choosers to the standard Windows UI
  • New choice for double-click behavior ("Picture fit to window")
  • Fixed album flicker during window resize

New in version 2.7:

  • Added pre-loading of images for faster display of large photos
  • Several other rendering optimizations
  • Refactored the layout of navigation buttons so that they show properly in all screen resolutions
  • Added navigation icons to the viewport (optional)
  • Mouse wheel click now toggles the slideshow
  • Default double-click behavior is now full screen toggle
  • Thumbnail icon frame color properly synchronized with pic "actual size" state
  • Minor improvements/tweaks to the main menu UI and folder selection dialog
  • Minor improvements/tweaks to the Globalisk Look and Feel
  • Improved responsiveness of the window translucency slider and added disabling of it when minimalist border is turned off
  • New option allows suppressing hiding of the navigation bar altogether
  • Captions are now stored in the same folder as their pic, so they won't be lost when the folder is moved or renamed
  • Fixed a bug that caused photos over 4Mb in size to be only partially password encrypted
  • Fixed a bug in thumbnail creation that sometimes caused them to appear blank and/or lead to an out of memory error
  • Fixed an issue with the RIGHT key when used immediately following the expansion of a folder
  • Fixed an issue with window sizing to full screen mode when screen was flipped from landscape to/from portrait
  • Fixed the rendering of the navigation bar background when screen was flipped from landscape to/from portrait
  • Fixed a glitch in slideshow mode when toggling from NumLk
  • Fixed zoom/resizing rendering glitch when initiated from full size image state, and added pic size % feedback

New in version 2.6:

  • Added customizable window translucency

New in version 2.5.2:

  • Added an opt-in dialog asking the user if they want the app to check the internet for a newer version, and noting the potential need to give permission to firewall software that might try to block any attempts
  • Added support for Japanese and Hindi

New in version 2.5.1:

  • Fixed the use of the - key to collapse from a leaf node so the tree properly scrolls to the new selection
  • Fixed an issue with the file change detector deleting unecessary thumbnails (which then had to be refreshed)
  • Added "Refresh thumbnail" option for leaf node selections (Shift-T)

New in version 2.5:

  • Loosened restrictions on use when trial period has expired ("Cascading Slides Free")
  • Folder views are now called "Albums"
  • Overhauled the main menu, adding standard menu bar on the main menu window
  • Multiple albums can now be opened at the same time with one action
  • Main menu window state is now saved and restored when the app is re-started
  • Main menu window now minimizes upon close into the system tray (optional)
  • Clicking the mouse wheel now advances the selection
  • Added the ability to create new folders (with password encrypted names when folders are encrypted)
  • Added "Recently played videos" menu list
  • Added window snapping to halves/quarters of the screen via mouse for all eight edges/corners of the screen
  • Added an option for Mac style window buttons, and the ability to specify the side of the window on which they are displayed
  • Added new option for controlling double-click action (window maximizing, full screen toggle, or do nothing)
  • Added seperate window size/location state based on current orientation of the screen (landscape vs. portrait)
  • "Soft deleted" is now "Hidden" and the file's hidden attribute on the file system is updated accordingly
  • Double left-click or typing RETURN on a leaf node video thumbnail now plays the video
  • Navigation bar auto-hide now works when mouse is moved within the thumbnail tree pane
  • "Assign video thumbnail" dialog now returns to the same folder when invoked again
  • Tapping ALT now does the same as tapping CTRL (toggles display of the navigation bar)
  • Exporting a file/folder now only opens the EXPORT folder once when used repeatedly
  • Opening the caption editor now sets "View caption" to true if it was false
  • Fixed an issue with displaying filenames with non-standard characters
  • Fixed the resizing of thumbnails to ensure that the popup menus disappear
  • Fixed a flaw in the initial thumbnail loading of animated GIFs that caused most to appear blank
  • Fixed a bug that caused the default empty video thumbnail to be created even when the user supplied one via the filesystem
  • Fixed a bug that made the cursor stay invisible when a popup menu was opened
  • Fixed the alphabetizing of files/folders w/regard to upper vs. lowercase
  • Fixed a glitch in the focusing of album windows when first opened
  • Enhanced rendering of the File menu and Thumbnail toggle button
  • Added appropriate disabling of Options "defaults" buttons, and main menu "Select/Clear all"
  • Added a few more missing label translations
  • Added a few more Tips of the Day
  • Several other minor UI tweaks
  • Added language support for Russian and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)

New in version 2.4:

  • Added a link to the new online Help
  • Fixed a flaw in the initial detection of pics/vids that required a pic/vid to exist in the root folder
  • Added missing language translations for several labels
  • A couple other minor UI tweaks

New in version 2.3:

  • Added the ability to open videos for editing (with default awareness of Windows Movie Maker)
  • Updated to the finalized (v1.0) version of the Globalisk Look and Feel for Swing
  • Enhanced the parent folder icon to make use of the current window border color
  • Fixed a glitch in the caption rendering that made it impossible to completely remove a password-encrypted caption

New in version 2.2.4:

Removed a remnant of V1 authentication that caused the app to erroneously report that it was corrupted

New in version 2.2.3:

  • Added feedback to the toggling of the display of soft deleted files
  • Fixed a couple issues with the tagging of folder favorites
  • More UI refinement

New in version 2.2.2:

  • Fixed a glitch in the rendering of folder thumbs when expanded and then cycled through
  • Changed default detection of "Paint Shop Pro" (way outdated) to "Paint.NET" (awesome and free)

New in version 2.2.1:

  • Improved password creation so it doesn't allow characters outside the English alphabet (which don't work) and added password strength feedback
  • Fixed the file change listener so it doesn't pop up a dialog too often or at the wrong time
  • Fixed a couple kinks in how the display of files was handled upon deletion
  • Some minor UI polishing

New in version 2.2:

  • Added multi-lingual support with five new languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish
  • Added pic/vid captions (with customizable font and transparency)
  • Restored (and improved) SHIFT+F12 window centering
  • Improved random selection within a folder so it never picks the same (or current) pic twice in a row
  • Improved highlighting of nav buttons when user selects white as the foreground color (added drop shadows)
  • Improved conditions under which clicking and dragging moves the window (vs. moving the pic)
  • Fixed encryption exporting of folders with videos (no longer also exports the default video thumbnail(s))
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain encrypted videos not to launch after being decrypted
  • Fixed a hack in the Globalisk Look & Feel that caused tabs (like those in Options) to constantly re-render and eat up way too much CPU
  • Further refinement of pic transition fading, including new options for controlling speed
  • Lots of other UI refinement/enhancement/polishing

New in version 2.1.2:

  • Improved the Options grouping (added new "Viewport" tab)

New in version 2.1.1:

  • Fixed the sluggish/inconsistent fade transition timing
  • Made some edits and additions to the "Tips of the Day"

New in version 2.1:

  • Added a secondary registration key for users who don't need the password encryption
  • Added suppressible dialog alert to let the user know the app couldn't connect to the Web to check for a newer version
  • Added suppressible dialog alert to warn the user about the consequences of encrypting their files
  • New option for suppressing the folder(s) feedback icon in the viewport (when thumbnail tree isn't showing)
  • Fixed the rendering of the navigation bar (it was still glitchy sometimes)
  • Improved the main menu blurb to suggest grouping files into folders/sub-folders

New in version 2.0:

  • Added full support for launching (and encrypting) videos:
    • Video icon and launching feedback
    • Recognition of video extensions other than .avi
    • Video exporting queue to allow for rapid multiple export requests
    • Default awareness of VLC Media Player
    • "Assign video thumbnail" action
    • Ability to delete videos
  • Improved:
    • Filename obfuscation for encrypted files (user password creates unique character mapping)
    • Navigation bar: added UP/DOWN () with LEFT/RIGHT re-assigned to cycling within folders (as keyboard LEFT and RIGHT already did)
    • Deleting of password export directory (now happens only when last window is closed)
    • Exporting of folder contents (now exports into a sub-folder of the export directory with the same name as the source folder)
    • Detection, handling and feedback for new files (entirely re-written)
    • Tree keyboard navigation
    • Random cycling while slideshow is running (folders update with random selections)
    • File/video export time (removed file copying step)
    • Grouping of popup menu items
    • Performance/response time (significant code refactoring)
    • Window maximizing/restoring (double-click now applies to the navigation bar as well as the viewport)
    • Added proper "Exit" (had to close windows individually in v.1)
    • Added "Delete folder" option
    • Added optional picture fade transitioning
    • Added option for disabling the random seletion of pics for folder thumbnails
  • Bug fixes:
    • Left double-click didn't work when "mouse click actions" option was unchecked
    • Rendering of folders that contain folders (the double plus icon was flaky)
    • The app occasionally froze upon startup
    • The app froze when the right/left key was held down
    • Sometimes popup menus had duplicated items
    • XML parsing would choke when filenames contained unusual characters (added entity mapping)
    • Photoshop didn't open the selected photo when invoked
    • Viewing of data on an external drive would fail
    • A glitch occasionally occured in the rendering of the Tip of the Day text
    • Sometimes the rendering of the navigation bar was incomplete/glitchy

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