Cascading Slides

Feature Breakdown for Cascading Slides Versions

Free Lite ($14.95) Full ($19.95) / Trial
Browse photo and/or video folders via a convenient hierarchical tree menu that chooses random files as the default thumbnail for folders, and lets you easily cycle through files within those folders  *
Tag folder favorites for use as the default thumbnail instead of a random selection
Add captions to photos and/or video screenshots
Play in slideshow mode at your own speed, either sequentially or randomly (shuffle)
Zoom images with mouse wheel and easily toggle between actual picture size and fit to window (also easily resizable)
Easily snap windows to halves/quarters of the screen by moving the cursor to its edge/corner, or center them with a single keystroke
Play animated GIFs, resizable and pauseable (un-encrypted view only)
Assign your own screen captures for video thumbnails
Open videos in your preferred video player and/or editor
Open photos in your preferred photo editor
Customize app behavior and look/feel
"Drill down/up" the thumbnail tree hierarchy ("Explore" sub/parent folders)
Password encrypt your photos and videos and still view them with ease

*Only supports file types .jpg, .png and .avi

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