Falling asleep to a roll of the dice (introducing Media Shuffle)

Ever since I can remember, I have had a TV in my bedroom.  They say it’s not good for you, but nothing worth living for really is, is it?

So like many other pop culture bed sponges, I simply can’t fall asleep without having “the TV on.”  (Small shout out to Poltergeist at this point–I can’t imagine the remake will thrill me much with its TV People.)  I put that in quotes because these days, my computer is my TV.  I like to fall asleep to recordings of my favorite shows, and always have.  Back in the day, I used a VCR, and had a substantial collection of VHS tapes (my college dorm neighbors were always borrowing from my collection of “Cheers” episodes because I had painstakingly recorded them with all the commercials cut out).

(Another side note here, but I suspect I use parentheses a bit too much.)

In the new millennium, digital files are where it’s at, but until I created Media Shuffle, I had no way of easily falling asleep to back-to-back “tapings” (not always in front of a live studio audience) of my favorite sitcom cheese.  Now, I do.  And thanks to its un-patented design (none pending), I don’t even have to think much about what show(s) I want to fall asleep to.  I just click one button, and let the app decide for me.

And it’s yours for free, too…

(You’re welcome),

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