Cascading Slides

Cascading Slides requires Java (version 7+) and is currently only available for Windows.

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Cascading Slides

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New in version 2.10.0:

  • Support for drag-and-drop of files/folders from OS into an album folder
  • New navigation bar feedback shows the current selection index vs. the # of files in its folder
  • Improved "Select random" searches deeper to reduce redundancy
  • "Random in folder" action now available via centered viewport icon
  • "First in folder" action now available via popup menus, not just the keyboard
  • Full screen mode now has its own state for thumbnails/navigation bar auto-hiding
  • Fixed the export/decrypting of files so it doesn't leave a remnant Java process running
  • Fixed the initial playing of encrypted videos with extensions only recently supported
  • Fixed restoring of the main menu after changing the theme

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